ISD - The International School of Dakar

Hiring Schedule

ISD follows a hiring schedule similar to that of other international schools. In October, the Director polls current staff about their intentions for the coming year. At that point, the Director will post definite and possible openings on teacher recruitment websites such as ISS, Search Associates, UNI and TIE. Interviewing for definite openings may begin immediately.

In December, current teachers must commit to staying or leaving, and at that point, the Director will update job postings on the ISD website and teacher recruitment websites.
The Director will attend hiring fairs in the US and potentially other countries to interview candidates for remaining openings. 

The ISD fair schedule for 2015 is:

  • ISS Recruitment Fairs
    • Bangkok, Jan. 4-7
    • Boston, Feb. 2-5
  • Search Associates Job Fairs
    • Bangkok, Jan. 8-11
    • London, Jan. 22-25
    • Cambridge, Feb. 5-8
  • University of Northern Iowa Recruiting Fair
    • Jan. 30-Feb 1

Increasingly, candidates are hired via remote interviews conducted using Skype video/web cam technology. This has allowed for candidates and recruiters to ‘meet’ earlier, allowing candidates and recruiters a bit more time to contemplate their decisions. However, on the whole, it has accelerated the hiring process and teachers are increasingly being hired in October, November, and December, prior to the actual hiring fairs.