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The International School of Dakar offers a standards-based PreK - 12 curriculum that blends rigorous college-preparatory learning with global awareness and citizenry. Embedded in our grade-level teaching is an emphasis on global issues and diverse perspectives. In addition, we strive to include relevant and meaningful links to local Senegalese traditions and culture. Service learning is an integral part of the ISD experience, as well as opportunities to highlight our CORE values of creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence.

Students at ISD experience a wide range of learning experiences, including opportunities to grow in core ​academic ​subject areas, t​he ​arts, technology, modern languages and physical education. As an IB World School, ​ISD graduates are offered a preparation for life-long learning based on the highest global standards and the best-practices of international schools world-wide.

ISD School Divisions and IB Curriculum



Middle School
Grade 6-8

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ISD's academic program pushed every student to strive for excellence. My teachers and the program gave me enough drive to challenge my own limits and take harder classes so I could continue developing as a student and a thinker...The academics here pushed me to new levels of open-mindedness and problem solving.


- ISD Alumna, Class of 2018

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