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Student Support

The Student Support Department is central to our ISD’s guiding statements, ensuring all students, including those needing language, academic, and social-emotional support, have equal access to the curriculum.

Teachers are empowered as leaders, collaborating with parents to nurture a thriving school community. Guided by an unwavering commitment to student success, we champion diversity and inclusivity, fostering a holistic environment where each student's growth is valued

Our Mission

Prioritizes students' wellbeing, nurturing their academic and emotional development. We adapt to the evolving educational landscape, emphasizing interdisciplinary teamwork for comprehensive support tailored to individual strengths and challenges. Our safe and welcoming environment encourages self-expression and active student participation, enriching their educational journey with empowerment.

Academic Support

ISD's approach to academic support is multifaceted and dynamic.

It blends personalized instruction within the classroom, comprehensive interventions outside the classroom, and specialized language support to create an environment where every student can flourish academically.

We firmly believe that every educator within the ISD community plays an important role in cultivating an environment that supports all learners, with students requiring additional academic support being no exception.

Research underscores that a notable percentage of students across K-12 settings seek assistance for learning needs.

This fact further underscores the significance of our inclusive approach.

Social & Emotional Support

The counseling program at ISD is an integral part of fostering a secure and nurturing educational environment, centered on advocating for students' holistic growth, promoting ethical values. We also work collaboratively with educators and provide them with the tools to effectively support students' behavioral, mental health, and social-emotional needs, creating an empowering atmosphere for the entire school community.

Guided by core principles, ISD counselors believe:

  1. Every student deserves a compassionate adult advocate.
  2. Each student should experience safety, support, and inclusion.
  3. Every student's uniqueness and developmental journey are valuable and recognized.
  4. Adherence to professional ethical codes and confidentiality standards is paramount.
  5. Our counseling program continually evolves to meet the school's evolving needs.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Child abuse and neglect stand as significant barriers not only to a child's education but also to their physical, social, and emotional growth. As trusted figures in the lives of young individuals, ensuring their safety remains our paramount responsibility—equally for educators and parents.

At ISD, the Board of Trustees has endorsed a comprehensive Child Protection Policy that adheres to the highest standards within the international school community. This policy serves as a guiding light for both our staff and families, addressing matters related to the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of the children under our care.

Our aspiration is for each student to feel not only physically safe, but also emotionally secure within our campus, acknowledging that optimal learning flourishes when young minds are nurtured in an environment of trust. 

At ISD, the safety, wellbeing, and protection of our students are our highest priority. Our child protection and safeguarding policies reflect our commitment to providing a nurturing learning environment where every student can thrive.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our policies, please don't hesitate the Child Protection Officer, Elmeka Henderson