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Application Process

We recently hosted virtual open houses for our prospective elementary and secondary families. Parents had the opportunity to meet our principals, ask questions, and get an idea of what life is like at ISD. Click to view below!

ISD has a rolling admissions policy. There is no set admissions deadline. For the next school year, we begin accepting applications on 1 January. Parents are always encouraged to submit all required application documents and payments as soon as possible.

1. Apply

Submit an application, supporting documents, and proof of payment of the application fee to the Admissions Coordinator by email (, fax, or in person. One application must be submitted for each applicant. To facilitate the application process and ensure that all necessary forms and documents are received by ISD in a timely manner, please refer to the Application Requirements checklist below. Please note that receipt of the application and application fee does not guarantee admission.

Application Requirements Checklist:

  1. Completed Online Application (using OpenApply)

  2. Official school records from the last two years

  3. Complete immunization or health records

  4. Copy of passport or birth certificate

  5. One passport-size photo

  6. Application fee of $100

It is essential that the school has accurate information about a student in order to determine if the school can meet the child's needs. Parents must provide all educational records requested by the school including any information regarding a known learning need. Failure to provide accurate information or to disclose a known learning need during the admissions process may result in a denial or subsequent withdrawal of enrollment. 

2. Admissions Committee Review

An Admissions Committee composed of the Principal, Guidance Counselor, English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher, Learning Support Teacher, and a designated classroom teacher at the appropriate grade level (as needed) reviews applications for admittance. Final grade placement will be determined by the Director. Please note that no applicants will be given final acceptance until successfully completing the academic screening and principal interview, outlined below.

3. Academic Screening and Interview with Director

All applicants are required to take an academic placement test. These tests assess abilities in math, reading, and written expression. In some cases, a reading comprehension achievement battery may be required. Students are expected to score at or above grade level in all of the above areas in order to be granted regular admission.

All English Language Learner applicants will be tested by our ELL specialist to determine the student’s strengths and to detect previous learning problems if any exist.

As part of the admissions process, an oral interview with the student and his/her parent(s) will be conducted. This meeting with the principal takes place after the academic placement tests are completed and reviewed internally. 

When it is unclear as to whether or not we can serve an applicant’s needs, ISD has the discretion to grant provisional admission. The provisional admission will be for a specific period of time, no longer than a year, which will allow for a full assessment of a student’s learning background. Continuation at ISD is contingent upon the child achieving success in mainstream classes. A child will be denied admission if he or she has specific learning or behavioral disabilities that cannot be adequately addressed by the school.

4. Admissions Decision and Invoicing

Once a student is admitted, he/she may begin the first day of classes or the day following the placement test and interview, whichever comes first. Final acceptance letters are sent by email. Within that email, you will find a link to ISD's Enrollment Contract. Parents must sign this contract and return it to the ISD Business Office within 2 days of acceptance. The Business Office uses the information noted in the Enrollment Contract to create an invoice for school fees. You can always contact our Business Office with any specific questions pertaining to invoicing and payment of the school fees at

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