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Visual & Performing


Arts at the International School of Dakar are a fundamental part of our holistic approach to learning. The past two years have seen extraordinary growth in the Arts department with more students becoming involved during and after school with more teaching staff devoted solely to teaching the arts.


All students through grade 10 have mandatory art classes, which depending on division includes drama, music, movement, dance, photography, graphic arts, painting, sculpting, printing, drawing and filmmaking. In grades 11 and 12, students are allowed to choose their IB Arts classes; we currently have robust IB offerings in Theatre, Film and Visual Arts.


ISD believes that a meaningful arts education is necessary for our students. It will be a career for some but for others, the arts is the vehicle through which students can meaningfully process our world, understand other cultures, think critically, and be lifelong creative adults. All of these skills are necessary for 21st Century adults to thrive.


Creative spaces within ISD include two full art studios, an IB Visual Art annex, media lab for film students, a Makerspace for design technology, a drama studio, an elementary movement room and two band areas.

Next year we will have a massive new arts space custom built for art students of all specializations.

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