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Athletics are one of the key components to creating the supportive community we have ISD.


At ISD, a majority of students in the Secondary School participate in athletics as members of one or more of our sports teams. This fosters a sense of community and sportsmanship in our school and encourages students to work together even after the final bell rings. 

ISD follows a three-season schedule, which can be found below. Each season lasts 10 to 12 weeks. ISD coaches are generally ISD teachers with experience in coaching. Students must maintain academic eligibility to participate on a school team.

During each sports' season, ISD plays games against local clubs, as well as local private and public schools. 

"WAISAL tournaments were unique in bringing together dedication and school spirit across the entire community, an experience I was so grateful to have as a student athlete." 

- ISD Alumna, Class of 2018


Geoff Carter

Activities & Athletics Director

ISD belongs to the West African International Schools Activities League (WAISAL). ISD athletes participate in tournaments at the conclusion of each season. In some cases, ISD hosts the WAISAL event on our campus. WAISAL is open to all American and/or International schools in West Africa.

Fall Sports

High School Volleyball

Middle School Soccer

Swimming (Grades 4-12)

Cross Country

Spring Sports

High School Soccer

Middle School Basketball 

Elementary School Volleyball (ASA)

Winter Sports

High School Basketball
High School Softball

Middle School Volleyball 

Track & Field (Grades 3-12)


Elementary Soccer

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