Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the school’s governing body.  There are nine Trustees who are parents or legal guardians of current students at the school.  Trustees are volunteers and are elected by ISD parents and faculty through an annual election process.  Trustees serve a two year term and may run as candidates in the elections to serve further terms.

The Trustees are joined by two non-voting representatives: a US Ambassador’s Representative and a Faculty Representative. The Director, the Elementary Principal and the Secondary Principal also participate as non-voting members of the Board.

The Board meets monthly from August to May.  Parents, legal guardians and faculty are invited to attend Board meetings as observers.  The Board can be contacted at


Parents and faculty are welcome to view the Board agendas and minutes, as well as the Board Policy. To access the Board Agendas & Minutes page linked below, email

Thiaba Camara Sy


Thiaba is the Board Chair. From September 2010 to May 2019, she has served as the Treasurer of the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee. She has one child in High School and is an independent audit and finance expert. Thiaba is Senegalese, born and raised in Dakar and has also lived in Paris and London.

Jennifer Davis


Jennifer joined the Board in October 2016 and has been the Board Vice-Chair since December 2017. Jennifer has two children in High School and is a Social Risk Analyst for the consulting firm, Monkey Forest. She is American and has lived in Turkey, Madagascar (where she was the Board Chair of an international school), Ghana, Mali and Niger.

Molly Glenn


Molly was elected to the Board in April 2019.  Molly has one child in High School and one child in Middle School. Molly is American and works with the U.S Government for Millennium Challenge Corporation on large-scale infrastrastructure, reform and rural access investments in the energy sector. This is her third time living in Senegal since 2008 and has previously lived in Mali, Burkina Faso, Malawi and London.

Sadia Asim


Sadia was elected to the Board in April 2017 and is the Board Secretary. She has two children in Elementary School and is an HR professional. Sadia is Pakistani and has previously lived in Nigeria.

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Aylin Karahan


Aylin was elected to the Board in April 2017 and is the Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee.  She previously served as a Trustee from 2007-2010. Aylin has one child in Middle School and one child in High School and works as a property developer. Aylin is Turkish-American and has lived in Russia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, U.S.A., China and Switzerland before settling as a permanent resident in Senegal

Martina Brecciaroli


Martina was elected to the Board in May 2019. Mother of two boys, one attends First Grade class at ISD. Martina has worked with several NGOs on social and environmental issues. She founded her own social aid association of new mothers in Geneva and is currently developing a kid's clothing brand mixing African fabrics and Western-style. An Italian citizen, Martina lived in Paris, Mali, Switzerland and Myanmar before coming to Dakar in 2017.

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Stéphane Rosenberg


Stéphane was elected to the Board in April 2018 and is the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. She has two boys, one in Elementary School and one in High  School. Stéphane has worked in diplomacy and in international development, focusing more recently on program evaluation. She has a passion for the arts and is completing a degree in fine arts. Before Senegal, she lived in France, Haiti, the U.S.A, South Africa, and Angola.

Maureen Cunningham


Maureen was elected to the Board in April 2018. She has one child in High School and one child in Middle School.  Maureen is American and works at the US Peace Corps, supporting the work of over 200 volunteers in Senegal.  She and her family have lived in several countries including Ethiopia, Mali, and Ghana. 

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Mathieu Lavoie


Mathieu joined the Board in September 2019 and has two children in High School. He is Canadian and has professional experience in the banking sector, business start-ups, international finance, crypto asset, blockchain technology, and real estate investment. Mathieu has previously lived in Nigeria and Tunis, where he was involved with other Boards of Trustees.

Non-Voting Representatives
Marybeth McKeever.png

Marybeth McKeever

US Ambassador's Representative

​Marybeth began serving as the US Ambassador’s Representative in June 2019. She moved to Dakar in August 2015 with her husband and family. She has three children in the Elementary School. Marybeth is a Regional Humanitarian Advisor for USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. She is American and previously lived in the UK, Liberia and Kenya.

Nneka Johnson.jpg

Nneka Johnson

Faculty Representative

​Nneka was elected by the ISD faculty to be their representative on the Board in April 2019.  She is currently the Director of Innovation at ISD. She is Guyanese and has previously lived in the USA and Sydney, Australia. 

Non-Voting Administrators
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Lorne Bird



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Kelly Chumrau

Elementary Principal

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