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Current Status

Campus Reopening
ISD families will be welcome to use the campus again starting on Monday, June 15th. The school has established a set of guidelines based on regulations from the Government of Senegal and the recommendations from international health organizations. As always, our number one priority is the safety of our students, parents, and staff. We are pleased to be able to welcome our students and parents on campus again, but it is essential everyone practices social distancing.
The full set of regulations can be found here.  Below is a summary of the major points in the guidelines.
1.  Parents must complete the online agreement form before coming to campus the first time.  Access will be granted to campus only if the form is completed. Only one form is needed for each family.
The online agreement form can be found here. Completing the agreement form indicates you have read, understand, and agree with the guidelines. Parents should discuss the guidelines with their children.
By coming to campus, you are acknowledging that there is a risk you could contract Covid-19 while on campus.
2.  Only ISD students, siblings, and parents will be allowed to access campus. All parents and secondary students need their ISD Badges to access campus. If you have lost your badge, please email Oumar Ndoye in IT at, prior to coming to campus to arrange an appointment to get a new badge.
3.  To enter the campus, you must wear a face covering, wash or sanitize your hands, and have your temperature taken. 

4.  There will be a limit of 40 people on campus at any one time not counting the ISD staff who are working.  The fitness room will have a capacity of 6 people and the pool will have a capacity of 10 people.
We ask for your patience and understanding as we adjust to our new realities. The guidelines will be reviewed periodically based on circumstances.
The full set of regulations can be found here


Revised 2020-21 Academic Year Calendar

The Board of Trustees has revised the 2020-2021 academic calendar. The start date has been changed to September 3rd, 2020 with an end date of June 18th, 2021. The Board decided on a later start date for three reasons:

  1. Allow more time for ISD families and staff to return to Dakar.

  2. Allow more time for the reduction in the number of Covid-19 cases in Senegal.

  3. Allow more time for the Government of Senegal to allow schools to reopen.

The revised calendar has the start and end dates, major vacations, as well as other holidays. In August, we will release the updated calendar with professional development days, parent-teacher conferences, and Board meetings.

Click here to view the revised 2020-21 academic calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've received a lot of great questions from the ISD community. For answers to these questions and more, click the button below each section. 

FAQ Section

From the ISD Board of Trustees

  • Why did the Board of Trustees initially decide to close the school campus during Spring break? 

  • Why did the Board of Trustees choose to not reopen on-campus education for the remainder of the 2019 - 2020 school year and continue with virtual learning until June 10th, 2020?

  • Will school reopen in August 2020?

  • Will parents be reimbursed for their tuition for the rest of the school year as the school went to virtual learning with fewer expenses?


  • There is a lot of online learning. Could there be a more balanced approach between online and non-online work, i.e. hand-writing in journals, math workbooks, reading offline and writing about it, etc?

  • How will teachers teach new lessons? A lot of the focus has been on reinforcing previous learnings but not on new teaching. 

  • What happens if the parents cannot be working at the same pace as the teachers in completing the work? Will students be penalized?

  • There hasn’t been Art or SEL for a while. Will those classes still happen?

From ISD Administration

  • Why did the ISD Director leave Dakar and return home to the US? 

  • Why did the majority of the administration leave Senegal? Who is now managing the school? 

  • In terms of faculty, how many teachers are now working from outside of Senegal, and what are the plans for this faculty to return or for the newly hired teachers who are to start in the 2020 - 2021 school year. 

  • Will the yearbook be finalized?


  • What is the leadership of Secondary School doing to actively engage students? 

  • How are teachers in secondary school coordinating and being actively supported and supervised by the Secondary School administration?  

  • What is the role of faculty who do not teach in the classroom directly during virtual learning such as the Dean of Students? MYP coordinators?

  • What is the role of advisory during virtual learning?

ISD Update Archive


ISD Update Archive

From the Counselors

From the ISD Board

From the Nurse

  • June 5th: Black Lives Matter & 2020-21 School Year

  • April 6th - ISD Board Statement on COVID-19

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