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ISD Director Search

Starting in August 2022

An international search is now underway to find the International School of Dakar’s next Director, who will begin to lead our community starting in the 2022-2023 school year. The Board of Trustees has assembled a Director Search Committee and retained RG175, a highly regarded recruitment organization, to work with the Search Committee. Continue to check back as we post more updates throughout the search process.

Position Statement
Position Statement - Cover Image.jpg

"Teranga means “hospitality” in Wolof, the most widely spoken language in Senegal. The term represents the Senegalese’s willingness to open up to all visitors and make them feel welcome. And nowhere is this open-hearted approach to others better exemplified than at the International School of Dakar. The School thrives."

Who is RG175?

RG175 is a recruitment firm that specializes in the recruitment of school directors. Ninety-six percent of the heads placed in the last five years remain at their respective schools. In addition, nearly 50% of their placements have been women and 20% have been people of color. The lead consultants are Coreen Hester, the former head of the American School of London and a private school in San Francisco, and Mark Ulfers, who served as head of school at the American School of Paris as well international schools in Frankfurt and Taipei.

Letters to the Community

Search Committee Members

  • Thiaba Camara Sy

  • Stephane Calvin Rosenberg 

  • Birame N. Sock

  • Martina Brecciaroli

Click here to read more about the committee members.

Have a question for the Search Committee? Feel free to contact them at


Discovery Phase

The first phase of the search is the discovery phase where the consultants will use feedback from the ISD community to determine the major issues facing the school in the next three to five years and the important professional and personal qualities of the next director. The consultants will meet with the Search Committee, the full Board of Trustees, as well as students, faculty, support staff, and parents. A survey will also be sent to the community. 


Initial Interviews

After the virtual visit, the consultants will use the data they gathered from their conversations and the surveys to prepare an 8 to 10 page position description for publication. The position will be widely advertised. The consultants will conduct initial interviews and present a list of candidates for the Search Committee to interview. The Search Committee will then select three or four finalists.


Finalist Selection

Each finalist will interact virtually with a wide range of ISD stakeholders over a two-day period.  Students, staff, and parents will have the opportunity to interview each finalist in large groups and provide feedback to the Search Committee and the Board. Finalists will also meet with the senior leadership and be interviewed by the Board of Trustees. Based on the interviews, feedback from the community, and the reference checks, the Board will select the next Director by late May or early June.

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