Elementary ASAs

Are you interested in after school activities (ASAs) at ISD?  This is a great resource page for general ASA information, current schedules, and more. 

After School Activities Overview

Here's everything you need to know about elementary after school activities (ASAs) for ISD elementary students.

Structure of Elementary ASAs at ISD

We organize our After School Activities into three "terms." For School Year 2021-2022, we started our terms a bit later than normal. 

  • Term 1: October 25 to December 17

  • Term 2: February 7 to April 8

  • Term 3: April 19 to June 3

Registration occurs in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the term. Please see the registration dates below. Note, these are the dates with the registration will be open. Because we use a "preference based" system, there is no rush to get your registration information to us as soon as possible. Just make sure you have them submitted before the window closes. 

  • Term 1: CLOSED

  • Term 2: CLOSED

  • Term 3: April 11 to April 15

All Elementary After School Activities begin at 3:15pm and end at 4:00pm unless otherwise informed. 

What's new for Term 2/3 Elementary ASAs?
  • We are returning to a paid model for Elementary ASAs. Please watch this brief video explaining our return to this model >> HERE <<.

  • Each grade level will have a minimum of two days of ASAs per week.

  • We are launching a number of new free ASAs for Grades 3-5 including GUTS (Girls Using Their Strengths), Animal Rescue League, and Competitive Basketball (Gr. 4-5). 

Important Contacts
Colin Crumpton-min.jpg

Colin Crumpton

Athletics & Activities Director


Marieme Mbaye

Athletics & Activities Assistant

How do I register using SchoolsBuddy?
What do ASAs look like when sessions are ongoing?
Course Selection for Elementary ASAs, Term 2 2021-2022