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Guidance & Counseling

Elementary School Counseling

Elementary School Counseling is offered on an individual basis, to small or large groups, and by consultation. Individual counseling sessions provide an opportunity for a school counselor to spend time with students one-on-one. Students may be referred to the counselor by concerned parents, teachers, administrators, the counselor’s own observations or by the students themselves.


Small group counseling sessions are created to address specific topics that concern multiple students.  Groups are organized based on developmental levels and will often contain members who are all in the same grade in school. Groups typically include 4-8 students depending on the age and meet weekly for 30-45 minute sessions. Large group counseling sessions or Social & Emotional lessons are conducted in the classroom with all students in the school.  Depending on the grade level and schedule of the class, each group may meet with the counselor as often as once per week or maybe only once per month or more. These lessons address topics that are relevant to the growth and development of all students in the school. 

Consultation is a vital component of the role of the school counselor.  The counselor works on a regular basis with teachers, parents, and administrators to properly serve each student.  Counselors also work with special educators and resource teachers, social workers, school psychologists, and local community resources to provide any additional services a student may require.  This approach allows the counselor to function as one member of a team which is a far more effective strategy than operating in isolation.

Elementary Counselors

Lara Ageros, M.Ed. Psych

Elementary Counselor/School Psychologist

Paula Traore

Elementary Counselor

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