Welcome to ISD Elementary School!
Pre-K3 to Grade 5

Our Elementary School begins with PreK-3 and culminates in Grade 5. We have one PreK-3 class and one PreK-4 class, each have around 20 students. We have two sections of Kindergarten that we strive to keep between 15-20 students each. Grades 1- 5 offer 3 sections at each level with a maximum number of 20 students per class.


ISD continues to experience unprecedented growth. We recently expanded our campus to include an Early Learning Center with its own playground, designed for the enjoyment of our youngest students. As we grow, we are dedicated to maintaining a strong sense community. We are blessed with an amazing Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Our entire community comes together for concerts, exhibitions, assemblies and many festivals. It seems that something beautiful and prolific is always in the works on campus.


Our academic program is aligned with the ISD guiding principles and is founded in student centered, inquiry based, processed focused exploration. To this end we embody the standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP). We are now in our second year implementing the PYP. Our units of Inquiry are designed under six social studies and science based themes. Language Arts, Math and Specialist subjects are woven into unit design in order to generate “transdisciplinary” experiences for the students. 

Our K-5 school day is enhanced by regular classes in Art, Music, and Physical Education. Children also explore and utilize various aspects of technology in all subject areas. The ISD Library provides support for classroom research and maintains an excellent collection of children’s literature. In addition our K-5 students participate in daily French classes. The French department supports all phases of language learning from beginning to Francofone.

ISD sponsors a yearlong After School Activities (ASA) program. This program provides extended structured activities for our student population. There is a list of programs to choose from each trimester. Older Elementary students may also compete in basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming and track. Some students travel to represent ISD in athletic tournaments in neighboring countries via the West African International Schools Activities League (WAISAL).

Elementary Administration​