Faculty & Staff

At ISD, we place high value in diversity and excellence. These values are reflected in our diverse, professional, and caring staff.


The faculty at ISD has teaching experience in 55 countries from around the world. ISD currently has 80 full-time teachers, 81% of whom have Master's degrees or higher and 73% of whom have 10 years of teaching experience or more. 

At ISD, we believe that having a caring, experienced, and excellent teaching staff is one of the building blocks of enhancing student learning and student outcomes across all fields. 

Faculty & Staff Directory

"The teachers that I had at ISD were hardworking, passionate individuals who cared about their students. I think most of all, I appreciated that teachers at ISD allow students to see their human side."

-ISD Alumna, Class of 2018

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Not a member of the ISD community? Feel free to email communications@faculty.isd.sn and we will put you in touch with the right person. 

ISD Faculty Profiles

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