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Health & Wellness

At ISD we strive to maintain and enhance the intellectual, psychological, and physical well being of all of our students.  Our School Nurse contributes to these goals by providing health services to the school community, health promotion activities both in and out of the classroom, a point of contact for parents who have concerns about their children, and referrals for outside medical care.

Please make sure your child’s medical information in our school files is up to date. If your child has any medical conditions, allergies, significant past medical history, or takes medications on a regular basis it is important that I have this information available in our confidential school records.  It is also important to periodically check your child’s immunization records to make sure they are current and complete.

If your child is taking medication that needs to be administered during school hours, whether it be ongoing or only a brief course, please complete the Medication Release Form on the right side of this page and bring it to my office along with the medication so it can be dispensed safely as per school policy.

After the winter break students will be screened for hearing and vision as per US standards.  Parents will receive a letter from me when the screenings begin.

Thanks for visiting the School Nurse webpage.  We look forward to working with you as we continue to ensure a happy, healthy environment for our students and the entire ISD community.  


Nurse Resources

Nurse's Notes | Jaguar Journal

Medication Release Form

School Nurse: 

Jennifer Thermenos

Mobile: +221 76 740 80 50

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