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ISD Board Election 2023

Everything You Need to Know

When does voting begin?

Voting begins on Monday, May 1st, and ends at 3pm on Friday, May 19th.

What are we voting on?

  • 7 Trustee positions to serve two-year terms.

Why is it important to vote?

This year, 7 trustee positions are up for election to serve two-year terms of which 5 should be filled by US passport holders. A quorum (25%) of the ISD Association casting their vote is required for the elections to be valid. As an ISD parent or faculty member, you have the right to express your preference of whom you think would best serve on the Board of Trustees. The ballot has options to select up to 7 candidates or abstain from selecting any candidates, and still have your ballot cast in the election.

How and when do I need to declare my candidacy?

Candidates must declare by April 3, 2023

To ask further questions about running or to declare your candidacy to run, please email 

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