Jaguar Journal

The Jaguar Journal is a weekly newsletter for ISD parents that provides an update of recent events and activities at ISD, along with photos and videos featuring student work. The Jaguar Journal is sent Monday morning each week to give parents an overview of what's going on at ISD, both in and outside the classroom. 


Regular features on the Jag Journal include Director's Dispatch, Notes from the IB Office, Student Spotlights, and a monthly article called Get to Know Your Teachers.

You can also expect to see some familiar faces and links to new albums on the ISD Flickr account

Articles, photos, and videos featured on the Jaguar Journal newsletter are posted to the Jaguar Journal website. There you can find an archive of all the ISD recent news. The Lunch Menu from Shady Shack is also posted on the Jaguar Journal at the beginning of each month.