• Mr. Jeff Neill

13 September 2020: Seniors

Dear seniors,

We hope you are all doing well.

To begin with, we wanted to clarify and build upon our message from last week about scheduling meetings with us as we settle into this new reality of campus life:

  • Zoom Meetings. We ask that all meetings that can be anticipated and planned in advance be held on Zoom or outside when the option is available, keeping in mind we may not have a private space.  These meetings can be booked directly through Calendly (Mr. Jeff or Ms. Katelyn).

  • Student Hours. We are blocking off Student Hours from 12-1pm every weekday where we will hold no appointments and will be available in our Zoom rooms (Mr. Jeff, passcode = mrjeff or Ms. KK, passcode =choosejoy). This is a time when students can pop into our virtual rooms for a quick question or to follow up on something. 

  • Afternoons. If you schedule a meeting during the 3:30-4:40pm time slots, and you are still on campus, you may use Room 107 (Mr. Jeff) and Room 108 (Ms. Katelyn) if you are looking for a space to log onto Zoom. We have been told that it is okay for you to be on campus during this time only if you have an appointment with us. 

  • Emergencies. We want to be clear that we are, as always, available for in person sessions when you need us. That said, we want to be clear about what constitutes such a situation. Please come see us if you are in crisis. Please come see us if you need to speak to someone about your mental health. Please come see us if you need to share concerns about someone else. Please come see us if you need space to collect yourself. Please come see us… Although we are practicing physical distancing whenever possible, we are here for you!

Here are some additional notes, particularly in regards to the college process:

And, again, if you have not yet scheduled your first meeting with your counselor, please do so!

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