• Mr. Jeff Neill

23 August 2020: Seniors

Dear Class of 2021!

Welcome to your SENIOR year! It is bound to be a memorable one for lots of reasons. That said, we wanted to get things rolling with the college process to alleviate any concern that you might have. You are in great shape right now, and we plan to work hard alongside you to keep you there!

  • Meetings. Stay tuned as the final schedule and calendar take shape. We will let you know when and how to make meetings with us and when we will be delivering counseling lessons. For now, email us or use our Calendly links (Mr. Jeff or Ms. KK) to book times if you would like to meet virtually.

  • Brag Sheet. Back in February, we asked you to complete a brag sheet, a worksheet that helps us craft your letter of recommendation. At this stage, we ask for you to update it. This means to revisit your answers to check for accuracy but also to flesh out your responses and to confirm that you have completely responded to the prompts. When you have done so, please File → Email collaborators and send it to your counselor. (This document should be in your college counseling folder, which also should be shared with your counselor.)

  • College List. Please update your Cialfo shortlist with your current college list, updated from the work you’ve done over the summer. When done, email your counselor so we can provide your likelihood of admissibility for each institution. Also, please keep in mind that we need your final college list by October 1. More on that soon! Finally, if you are planning on applying to any university on or before November 1 (especially Early Decision or Early Action in the US, Oxford/Cambridge applications, or UK medicine, dentistry or veterinary), please notify your counselor immediately.

  • Recommendations. In the spring, we asked for you all to solicit two letters of recommendation. At this point, please make sure that all requested letters are registered in Cialfo. This is the only way we know which letters individual teachers are writing, and this is how they are aware of which ones to write. Be sure to get them in there. If you have not asked, please connect with your counselor so we can put together a plan. Also, please be aware that your counselor also writes a letter of recommendation for you (you do not need to ask!), but that does not count as a teacher letter.

  • Essays. Our recommendation is for all students to be completed with their “main” essay (whether the Common App essay or a Personal Statement) by October 1 so that we can focus our time thereafter on the rest of the application components.

You will be receiving a lot of communication throughout the fall, especially as we begin the school year. That said, in an effort to minimize our contribution to that, which is responding to the feedback you provided in the spring, we are committed to delivering counseling news and weekly lessons or updates in this format, posted on our Google Classroom page and on our blog. We will post our weekly note each Sunday, and it is an expectation that you read each post thoroughly. We have chosen to email this post as well to include your parents in the explanation of this format of communication moving forward.

Again, welcome back! We are really excited to begin our work with you!

Mr. Jeff & Ms. KK

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