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Choosing a Country for University

One of the primary and essential considerations for a college-bound student and his or her family is which country or countries to consider. This is a deeply personal and individualized decision. No blog post such as this can effectively cover ever point of consideration; instead, however, we hope to promote some points of discussion.

Be sure to consider your passport country. Just because you have a passport from a country does not always mean that you qualify for reduced tuition, but oftentimes it does. Research what your passport country requires!

  • Be sure to consider average or general cost of attendance! While some private universities in the US are exceeding US$80K per year, there are countries in Europe where tuition is entirely free. However, there are curricular and language requirements often. Know what you might need.

  • Be sure to understand the differences in educational values and approaches. The US tends to be known for its adherence to liberal arts style education with an array of required courses (“well-rounded”) and seminar-style (discussion-based) coursework whereas elsewhere an undergraduate degree is intensely focused on your major, often for less time.

  • Look at length of degree. Most undergraduate degrees in the US are four years; elsewhere they can be three or even less.

  • Consider the major/programme. Outside of the US, most places in the world require an applicant to know and to articulate fit with a predetermined major (or programme of study). Do you know what you want to study?

  • Where do you want to end up working for your career? This one is a more moving target given the susceptibility of these realities to political currents. Many non-citizens want to pursue degrees in the US with the hope of remaining there afterwards; however, work visas are increasingly difficult to obtain. The same holds true in many regards for many other leading countries. This should not necessarily discourage the pursuit of education, but it should inform your plans.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it will get you thinking!

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