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Class of 2022 College Counseling Timeline

Last Updated: 6 January 2021

Each application cycle for a given graduating class -- in this case, the Class of 2022 -- obtains its own, unique quality based upon events and occurrences that cannot always be anticipated. As such, while any timeline is subject to change, those pertaining to college applications are particularly so. That said, what we share here is a thorough accounting of the timeline that we expect to follow. We will modify and reshare this post as things change and adjust.

January 2021

January marks the beginning the of the formal college counseling process, building immediately into the research component. To start things off, we will focus on topics germane to all students in once weekly classroom-based meetings.

  • January 6 - G11 College Counseling Class 1

  • January 15 - G11 College Counseling Class 2

  • January 21 - G11 College Counseling Class 3

  • January 29 - G11 College Counseling Class 4

February 2021

In February, students will continue on with the requisite self-exploration and research skills that are essential to the college process. They will begin to construct lists in February as well. While students will continue on with their college counseling classes, they will also begin meeting individually with their college counselor, both of which will continue on for the next 12 months.

  • February 4 - G11 College Counseling Class 5

  • February 12 - G11 College Counseling Class 6

  • February 18 - G11 College Counseling Class 7

  • February 22 - Individual Meetings Commence

March 2021

The month of March will see our juniors focus primarily on their own, unique processes through individual meetings with their counselor.

April 2021

April tends to be a critical month for college counseling as lists tend to begin to take substantive shape, we will engage with parents as part of our required family meetings, and students will begin to solicit teacher letters of recommendation.

  • April 2 - G11 College Counseling Class 8

May 2021

Although we continue working with students, much of our work this month tends to focus on individual student needs as we try to do what we can to allow students to focus the bulk of their energies and efforts on finishing their coursework as strongly as possible.

  • May 6 - G11 College Counseling Class 9

June 2021

Before getting out for the summer, juniors will receive their first round of predicted IB grades, which we will reconcile with their college list to-date. Additionally, we will wrap-up any loose ends with students before sending them off for the summer.

  • June 18 - College Counseling Closes for Summer (until August 6)

July 2021

Over the summer, we hope for students to prioritize finding time for rest and relaxation, but we also hope that they are able to focus some time and energy on the college process. The more that students get done over the summer, the less stress presents itself in the busy senior fall.

August 2021

As classes resume in August for the now-seniors, so too do college counseling classes and individual meetings between the student and college counselor. As a whole, the month of August tends to focus on initiating applications, with many applications going live this month.

September 2021

We say that the fall is for “re-doing” things: revising essays, retaking exams, reconfirming lists, reconnecting with admissions reps, etc, and September sits at the heart of that for our seniors. Seniors will particularly focus on finalizing their applications and supplements.

October 2021

With application deadlines begin in earnest this month, October is a time for refining, finalizing, and submitting. With our expectation that students submit applications two weeks ahead of posted deadlines, October tends to be when most first apps are submitted. At the beginning of the month, students will receive updated IB predicted scores meant to be used with any early applications due before January 1.

November 2021

Building on the trends of October, November is a time when students are tweaking and putting final flourishes on their applications. Many early application deadlines come about this month, and students will also be turning their attention to applications due in the New Year. Toward the end of this month, students will receive updated predicted IB scores, which are intended to be used with any applications due January 1 or later.

December 2021

This month students work to complete their applications before heading off on break. The vast majority of applications will be submitted this month, ahead of January 1 deadlines. Additionally, many early applications submitted earlier will be releasing their decisions as we get closer to the holiday vacation.

January 2022

While most students will already have submitted their applications, there are additional deadlines in January. When seniors return from the holidays, our work together switches from college applications to transitioning to college.

Onward from February 2022

After January, there are still application deadlines here and there throughout the world, with some applications not begin able to be submitted until after graduation. Still, most students will work through a process whereby they will receive application results starting as early as December and running through April. Most students will make their final college decision on or around May 1, particularly those students applying to US institutions. Heading into graduation and the summer, students will sit for their IB exams and then receive their final IB scores in July at which point they will reconcile their results with any conditional offers.

  • May 1 - Universal Deposit Deadline - The date by which students must render a decision on any acceptance to the USA and submit a deposit to one and only one such school.

  • ~July 15 - IB Exam Scores Released

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