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College Counseling Class Expectations

Updated: 6 January 2021

Following are the expectations for college counseling classes, which take place throughout the spring of the junior year and into the senior year during Block 8/CORE classes.

Students are expected to:

  • arrive to class meetings on time.

  • come to each meeting prepared and willing to learn.

  • bring their computer (charged) with them to each meeting.

  • have put in adequate time to assignments in between meetings.

  • check their ISD email accounts three times per day: before school, at lunch, and in the evening.

  • always have their next individual college counseling meeting scheduled.

  • keep all college materials in the Google Drive folder shared with their counselor.

  • actively solicit feedback on all written work (file → email collaborators) in Google.

  • keep their Cialfo accounts and profiles updated and accurate.

  • serve as the liaison between their process, their counselor, and their parents.

  • approach their work for College Counseling with the same commitment and focus as they do their other academic courses.

  • respect their peers throughout the process.

  • communicate in advance of any meeting or class if the student will not be present physically so they can be included through Zoom. (Added for 2020-21 year due to COVID-19.)

Goals of College Counseling Program:

  1. To provide each student with options at the end of the process.

  2. To ensure that students and parents are fully informed when each decision is being made.

  3. To serve as a resource and guide throughout the process for students and parents alike.

  4. To facilitate growth in each student through our process.

Additional Notes:

  • Parents will be notified when students miss commitments or assignments immediately.

  • We use Calendly to schedule appointments and ask students to use the software for individual appointments with their counselor; we ask that students always have their next appointment scheduled so that we meet, roughly, every 2-3 weeks beginning after our 6th college counseling class.

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