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G12 Transition Curriculum & Programming

We are excited to be sharing with the ISD community our new Senior Transition program. Throughout this program, we endeavor to work with our seniors and their parents on preparing for college. While so much of our time over the past year has been focused intently on the process of applying to college and university, we have not done a great deal on getting ready for the transition process of leaving ISD and high school and entering college and life away from ISD. Thankfully there is a great deal of research and informed best practices to guide this process, and we have put together a plan to share it with our seniors. Ultimately, this is a five-part process: continued individual meetings, regular Transition classes, weekly Transition Chats, Parent Programs, and Adulting Week. Let's explore each briefly...

Individual Meetings

As seniors move through the spring, they will continue to benefit from working with their counselors as they finalize applications, reconcile the results of their applications, and make final decisions. However, they tend also to benefit from working individually on transition-related topics and many of the challenges that they encounter in their last months of high school. We are here for them!

Transition Classes

On most weeks, we will take time from the seniors' CORE/TOK class time to work with them on Transition-related topics. We focus on establishing a framework for preparing for ending ISD well, a necessary precondition for beginning college well, and work through many topics and programs in that way. In all, we have 9 classes scheduled throughout the spring.

Transition Chats

This is a unique feature of our Transition Programming. Given that so many variables in preparing for university life are dependent upon the family situation, parental preferences, and the specific institution a student is planning to attend, we have devised a program to engage the unique nature of each student's transition. However, this requires parental engagement! So, what we ask here is for parents and students to find 30-minutes once per week to sit down and to discuss a particular topic that we will provide. We provide an initial topic in the form of a question as well as ancillary questions to explore the topic fully. It is our experience that these questions help ease the transition by setting clear expectations.

Parent Program

In an effort to keep parents informed and also to aid them both in transitioning their children away from their homes and in transitioning themselves to life without their child in their home, we offer parental programming. At present, we will offer an initial parent program in late February/early March and then another wrap-up program in May before graduation. Please stay tuned for these dates and times! [Update 9 March 2020: due to the popularity of the initial transition program, we are exploring the possibility of offering it again on an evening later in the spring. Stay tuned!]

Adulting Week

To close out their time at ISD, it is our plan to provide an alternative program for the seniors during what has traditionally been Senior Week. During this time, we hope to offer a series of opportunities to prepare, in concrete ways, for life away from home with a variety of "adulting" topics from dinner etiquette, fashion tips, how to network, auto repair essentials, navigating roommate conflicts, cooking with a hot pot, budgeting, and the like. If you have any ideas or would like to lead any sessions, please be in touch with us. We will reach out later in the spring with more details!

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