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Questions Juniors Should Ask in May

Dear juniors,

Thank you for spending some time on Zoom with us this week, it is so helpful to hear from you as we continue to look for ways to support you and keep you moving forward during this challenging time. As you spend your 15 minutes each night, we would like you to ask yourself a few questions to make sure you are staying on track. This week please go through these “questions for juniors to ask themselves in May”:

  • Have you asked your teachers for recommendation letters? Reminder that you should be asking your teachers on zoom if they would be willing to write for you. Then you should follow the protocol for officially adding recommenders to Cialfo. Here are the teacher recommendation guidelines.

  • Have you completed your Brag Sheet? Completing your brag sheet is an important piece of your application process and it was actually your first homework assignment. Click this link, copy it, save it in your College Counseling folder, and thoroughly complete the Brag Sheet, a worksheet that is intended both to help you with your college goals and to help your college counselor get to know you better. Be complete!

  • How is your common app essay, school-specific essay, or personal statement coming along? Get some feedback on your essay - reach out to your counselor, teacher, parents, peers, etc. You don’t have to take the feedback, but they can help you as you try to present “you at your best.” Here is a reminder of the slideshows from our series of essay writing workshops: -https://www.isdakar.org/post/g11-college-essay-workshop-1 -https://www.isdakar.org/post/g11-college-essay-workshop-2 -https://www.isdakar.org/post/g11-college-essay-workshop-3 -https://www.isdakar.org/post/g11-college-essay-workshop-4

  • What test preparation are you doing? Here is a link to our thoughts on test prep. And here are some additional links to consider. -ACT, SAT, and SAT II tests - While things are still up in the air on when and how the next SAT will be administered, Colleges know this and recognize this is a barrier for all students. Many colleges are already test optional, and each day we hear about more and more becoming test optional, especially for your application group. If you took the tests already and are happy with your scores, they can be part of your application, but don’t worry if you haven’t taken them already. Here are SAT updates. -TOEFL or IELTS or Duolingo - Will you need to take a English proficiency test? TOEFL and IELTS are more traditional tests, but Duolingo -- yes, that Duolingo! -- has a widely accepted English proficiency test as well! -UK ENTRANCE EXAMS - Will you need to take an exam to enter a certain program or school in the UK?

  • Will you need financial aid, and what type of aid will you be applying for? See this blog post on financial aid. -SCHOLARSHIPS - Here is a search site for scholarships of all different categories. Some will involve and extensive application process so it is good to plan ahead: -CSS PROFILE - In the US, some schools will require that you apply for school-based financial aid through the CSS Profile. This will involve your parents’ financial information so look ahead at what you will need. -FAFSA - If you are a US citizen, you will have access to the federal financial aid, and this will also require your parents’ financial information and will open for you to complete at the beginning of next school year. Plan ahead for applying for this aid as well.

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