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Transition Chats: Overall Program

Dear seniors and parents of seniors,

While we had initially planned to walk our seniors through this transition curriculum throughout the fall, our move to online learning has changed our plans. That said, with our seniors at home and mostly with their parents, we did not want to miss the opportunity for you all to take advantage of our transition curriculum and programming together. To be clear, there is a great opportunity for parents to spend valuable time with their children, and our programming below can provide a tremendous framework for you.

The ultimate design here, given that each of our seniors has a unique family situation and is headed off on a unique college pathway, is for students and parents to sit down and commit to each of the following topics for a conversation. While our original plan was for these conversations to happen once a week, you may want to move through the topics more quickly or spend more time diving into a specific topic. (our original design sought for these conversations to happen once per week, in our current environment, you might consider to move through more of these topics quickly. Some of them are more pedestrian than others, and some are far more emotional and complex. However, we strongly recommend that students and their parents work through all of them.

The curriculum is designed to be followed mostly sequentially, although you can certainly skip around. Also, some conversations are best to be revisited when a student knows the specifics of where exactly he or she will be going to college.

We hope that you find value in this program, and we invite you to share your feedback and advice so that we might incorporate it into our programming in the future!

  1. Beginning the Conversation

  2. Build Your RAFT

  3. Hopes & Fears

  4. Academics

  5. Friends & Roommates

  6. Packing

  7. Safety

  8. Communication

  9. Finances

  10. Cooking & Eating

  11. Transportation

  12. Traveling to College

  13. Laundry

  14. Technology

  15. Sexual Intimacy

  16. The Drop Off

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