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We invite our parents, staff,  & community to continually check this page for the latest communications regarding the safety measures ISD is taking to protect our campus as we open for the 20-21 school year

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A Word from our Director

Preparing for the upcoming school year, we are going to rely on our core 
values of creativity, open-mindedness, responsibility, and excellence.
The reopening plans were developed by the International School of Dakar 
Leadership Team, comprised of educational administrators, operational 
administrators, school nurse, admission coordinator, and mental health 
counselor, is working collaboratively with the ISD Board of Trustees, ISD 
Health and Safety Committee and the ISD Online Learning Committee to 
develop these reopening plans.

The Health and Safety Committee is comprised of medical and public health 
officials and is facilitated by Jennifer Thermenos, ISD School Nurse, and 
Suzanne Wardini, ISD Assistant Director.

The Online Learning Committee is comprised of ISD teachers and
administrators and is led by Dr. Nneka Johnson, ISD Innovation Director. The 
health and safety guidelines are based on the recommendations from the 
following organizations.

— Ministry of Education, Senegal
— American Pediatric Association
— Center for Disease Control
— World Health Organization

— Alan Knobloch

Revised 2020-21 Academic Year Calendar

The Board of Trustees has revised the 
2020-2021 academic calendar. The start date 
has been changed to September 3rd, 2020 
with an end date of June 18th, 2021. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe for students to wear masks for extended periods of time once we take hygeine and the climate into consideration?

The teachers are confident they will be able to work with the students. We will definitely have mask breaks throughout the day when the students can spread out safely. It would be helpful to have the children wear the masks for longer periods of time at home.

Have we considered the masks' effects on the learning ability and social interaction. How are students supposed to learn a language or interact with their classmates if they can't see the facial expressions of their classmates or teachers?

We will be using plastic shields for close contact with students where the masks can be removed. We will continue to learn how to to do this, and are confident in our teachers' ability to adapt as necessary.

Why did ISD choose an approach against the recommendations of the WHO? Are your teachers wearing masks as well?

All staff will be wearing masks. While the WHO does not recommend younger students wear masks, both the Center for Disease Control and the American Pediatric Association (APA) do recommend children about the age of two wear masks, see

Does ISD's stance reflect the wish of the majority of the other parents as well? Have you considered making a survey amongst parents regarding the obligation to wear masks? (just as you did for the question about on campus learning)

Health and safety matters are not subject to polling or preference. We have an obligation to keep all members of the community, students, parents, teachers, and staff. We are making health and safety decisions based on the best available information and in consultation with medical and public health professionals. Where there is no consensus, we have made the decision to start the year with the most conservative approach.

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