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Student life

Ninety percent of ISD students participate in extracurricular activities that supplement their academic pursuits. Our After School Activities (ASAs), Arts, Athletics and Service Learning programmes provide students with opportunities to develop their skills, pursue their passions, and explore new things.

At ISD, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and that each and every one of us is a life-long learner.

We are proud that ISD is more than simply a school in Dakar.

It is a center of life and activity, extending well beyond academics. When you come to ISD, you become part of a long history of excellence and achievement, and a group of diverse and caring individuals. As our ISD community grows each year, we find it essential to maintain a strong bond of togetherness and unity in all our activities, both during school and beyond.

As always, Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar!

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Student life at the International School Of Dakar