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ISD is a full member of the West African International Schools Activities League (WAISAL). ISD participates in events at the conclusion of each of the three seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring. The hosting of events rotates between the 5 member schools belonging to WAISAL.  

“WAISAL is not just a sports tournament; it is a family where friendships and bonds are built by students, regardless of where they come from in the world. Stemming from sportsmanship, love, and respect, it provides a stage for students to showcase the hard work they have put in over their season. It may be just one weekend in the grand scheme of things, but it is truly an experience that lasts a lifetime.”

Anuj Mohanty

ISD Alumni 23’


The main purpose of WAISAL is to offer a secure, stimulating, and educational platform for students from member and associate member schools to come together, compete, and interact. It emphasizes showcasing individual talents while fostering a culture of respect and collaboration among students from diverse international backgrounds.

WAISAL events generally fall into the months listed below:

The five member schools belonging to WAISAL are: 

The following schools are associate members: