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Student Services

ISD provides a variety of student services to ensure each child's wellbeing and mental and physical health. Our Guidance & Counseling Department provides our students with the holistic social and emotion support they need to grow into confident and competent individuals.


Our faculty includes excellent health services to ensure students well-being and safety as they develop into adults. ISD's dining services offers nutritious and varied meal options in keeping with our commitment to encourage wellness and balance in our students' lives.

We appreciate, value, and respect the great trust that parents put in us when they enroll their children at ISD, and we are committed to providing the care and services students need to thrive in their educational experience here.

Child Protection at ISD

The ISD Child Protection Policy is based on international law and on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of which Senegal is a signatory. We use this policy to guide our staff and families in matters related to the health, safety and care of children in attendance at our school. 

Child Protection Videos

Child Protection Handbook (PDF)

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