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WAISAL High School Basketball 2020

In the spirit of Teranga, we would like to warmly welcome you all to the International School of Dakar for WAISAL High School Basketball 2020. These three days will encapsulate what it means to be a student-athlete in the modern educational world. Students from around the region will take to the court to demonstrate their skills, strength, and determination, all while managing their role as IB/AP students in the most rigorous academic programs on the continent. Most importantly, these three days will offer these students the opportunity to form meaningful bonds with their peers from around West Africa and, indeed, the world. We welcome you to ISD, to Dakar, and to Senegal. On Est Ensemble!! Gno Far!! We're in this together!!

Participating Schools

American International School of Abuja


American International School of Lagos


American School of Douala


American School of Yaounde


International Community School of Abidjan


Lincoln Community School


International School of Dakar

WAISAL Program.jpg
Official Program

Colin Crumpton

Athletics & Activities Director

Be sure to follow the action!
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